Players now get a red card

Players now get a red card if deliberately coughing in the face of another player.

A player that deliberately coughs in the face of another player or match officials stands a chance of earning a red card according to England football Association.


The governing body has compiled a comprehensive document outlining detailed guidance for match officials overseeing games while coronavirus restrictions are in place, and the new rules comes into force with immediate effect.

Like any other offence, the referee needs to make judgement about the true nature of the offence says the International Football Association Board (IFAB). This guidance comes as the world faces coronavirus pandemic.

The referee will not taken action if the player coughs in-deliberately or in reasonable distance between another player.

The new rules dictate that in the situation where a ‘clear act’ of coughing occurs, the player in question should be disciplined with a red card, removing them from the game.


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